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“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”
— Napoleon Hill

Partners in Thought® tools facilitate self-discovery, change, and achievement by serving as a sounding board or “thought partner,” a deep inquisitor, an objective mirror, and a trusted and confidential advisor. We challenge your thinking, your assumptions, and your paradigms. We partner with you to develop and implement specific strategies to ensure habitual growth, peak performance, and personal fulfillment. We help keep you accountable to your own goals and celebrate your accomplishments. Importantly, unique to the Partners in Thought® protocols, we provide science-based tools to leverage your efforts into continued and sustainable growth. We have successfully done so for individuals and organizations on five continents.

Thanks largely to recent developments in functional brain imaging, we now know that the brain physiologically changes with attention and focus. Partners in Thought® evidence-based processes are therefore designed to literally change your brain.  We also know that humor improves learning, teaching, social relationships, happy living, and even our body’s immune responses, so we make sure to keep a sense of humor as we work together.

As your change agent or “partner-in-thought,” we have no agenda or bias and we take the risks of asking provocative questions and giving suggestions that you won’t get from friends, family, colleagues, bosses, employees, or spouses. This safe and challenging joint alliance encourages you to consider what you may never have considered before and to enhance behaviors (yours or your organization’s) you never knew you could or should. 

Science-Based and Cutting Edge.

Modern neuro-imaging techniques reveal the brain networks and neuronal activity involved in self-control and inhibition, memory and learning, desire and satisfaction, emotions, social awareness, mindlessness and daydreaming, and mindfulness and concentration. With this newfound ability to “see” brain function, scientists from varying domains have been able to test potential interventions affecting these traits that inform our day-to-day behaviors, our success, and our happiness.  Over the past decade or so, science has facilitated a fortunate convergence of traditional and modern theories and practices of developing productive habits of mind.  

The Partners in Thought® approach is based on prodigious research, analysis, and tools generated over the past 2-3 decades in neuroscience, psychology, education science, cognitive science, neuro-economics, and physiology, including recent developments in:


Focus on high achievers.

Partners in Thought began as a service exclusively for high achievers and their organizations. We continue to focus on supporting high achievers.  Our head coach, Jeff Schneider, is a “recovering” high achiever who has devoted decades not only to traditional achievement but also to studying and practicing science-based techniques to enhance and bring balance to his life and the lives of others.  Although each of us can pursue mastery, we must remember that perfection is asymptotic; we can get closer and closer, but we will never touch perfection.  We therefore need to appreciate incremental and life-long growth and enjoy the journey itself.

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