Our Team

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
— Frank Zappa

What is unique about Partners in Thought® coaching is its grounding in scientific research and insistence on perpetual and sustainable growth.  Our founder and head coach, Jeff Schneider, carries a remarkably broad and deep background and tool chest based on a lifetime of studying human and organizational development and serving as a trusted advisor for nearly 30 years.  He is entrusted by men and woman of all backgrounds, careers, and goals, and by for-profit and nonprofit organizations - from sole proprietors to the largest multinational public corporations - as well as by public agencies and academic institutions, such as Harvard Business School. When appropriate, other coaches and support personnel supplement Jeff’s work, but only with prior client approval.  Each of them is trained and experienced in science-based tools for growth and will be assigned to you or your organization based on their expertise and fit, as well as your personal preferences. We are conscious of the research establishing that the best predictor of coaching outcomes is the quality of the relationship between coach and client.

Partners in Thought® coaching serves a spectrum of client needs and extends to five continents.

A skillful thought partner can help you identify or think through problems and solutions.  Thinking aloud with a receptive and reflective audience (e.g., a coach) generates much deeper and unprecedented thoughts, ideas, and plans (all previously existing, but buried or unconnected in your mind).  Partners in Thought® processes and techniques have resulted in spectacular epiphanies, permanent changes to individuals and organizations, and optimal decisions.