“I’m not a great manager; I try to be a great leader. And for me, that’s been going through a process of not how to be a great CEO but how to be a great Evan, and that’s really been the challenge.”
— Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, Inc. (“Snapchat”)

Partners in thought® support for

CEOs, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

Partners in Thought® offers CEOs and other executives a confidential, unbiased, and objective thought partner, a role that cannot be filled by a colleague, friend, board member, or family member.  Being a CEO is a blessing and a curse; an opportunity for impact, achievement, and fulfillment, and for stress, loneliness, and disappointment in oneself or others.


The CEO is a lonely position.  Everyone tells the CEO either what they think the CEO wants to hear, instead of what the CEO needs to hear, or what they think will make themselves look good in the CEO’s eyes.  Although we can help CEO’s with tools to improve the candor and communication of subordinates, an impenetrable barrier always exists between the CEO and subordinates. Having a thought partner without an agenda should therefore be a resource available to every CEO.


“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” 
— Malcolm Forbes

Sometimes, a CEO just needs someone without an agenda to listen and reflect the CEO’s thoughts or mental problem-solving process.  Other times, a coach can help a CEO identify and clarify intentions and purpose; identify relevant information and examine how it fits with the CEO’s intention; or identify and experiment with or test alternative solutions or opportunities.  A coach can help a CEO increase self-awareness so that the CEO can consciously choose options rather than engage in blind or habitual responses.

Partners in Thought® tools and support for leadership and personal development can improve the CEO’s effectiveness and quality of life, including in areas such as making tough decisions, solving problems or disputes, and crisis management, establishing and implementing a company vision, guiding personal and company transitions, enhancing management and leadership, organizational development, managing stress and time, peak performance, meeting and retreat facilitation, and, of course, enhancing life satisfaction.  CEOs tend to be high achievers and therefore benefit from Partners in Thought® coaching for high achievers.  Each of the Partners in Thought® interactive workshops is appropriate for CEOs and other senior executives.


Entrepreneurs are a special breed of high achiever.  Unlike most people, entrepreneurs not only embrace risk and change, but seek it out.  Every organization and community needs entrepreneurs to help them adapt and grow, to see a different perspective, to shift paradigms, and to keep the economic and innovation fires burning. True leadership requires entrepreneurship.  Without it, we are left with mere management.   

Partners in Thought® entrepreneurial services include partnering with individuals and teams to help and support them in generating creative or novel solutions; redesigning organizational structure; facilitating development of the mission and vision, and strategic planning for the company; navigating transitions, working through decisions, problems, and crises, improving management and  leadership, and achieving peak performance.  Partners in Thought® processes and tools additionally help entrepreneurs manage their stress and their time, as well as discover and achieve personal happiness.  We draw out the best in entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurial enterprises can also benefit from Partners in Thought® expertise in behavioral science - specifically how you can make adjustments to your marketing, products or environments to affect others’ behaviors in desirable ways.  Each of the Partners in Thought® interactive workshops is appropriate for entrepreneurs and their senior team members.

Our head coach, Jeff Schneider, has been a trusted advisor for CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs for a quarter century, with clients all over the globe.  He founded his own successful companies, been a C-suite executive for a creative and successful company, and has served as President of a nonprofit corporation.  

“Strategy is not really a solo sport – even if you’re the CEO.”
— Dr. Max McKeown (renowned innovation and strategy scholar)