Workshop on Taking Your Organization and Employees to a Higher Level: Crafting the Developmental Organization

Developmental and learning organizations are at the cutting edge of organizational design and development, a new paradigm in which the organization and its members are committed, and constantly attend, to the daily growth of all members of the organization.  This requires a different mindset than in typical organizations.  For example: errors are opportunities for better growth, understanding, and training; candid communication is required; processes for detecting and addressing errors are constant; feedback and accountability are built in to day-to-day activities; organizational success is based on individual growth and individual growth requires challenges and risks, with appropriate scaffolding.  Typically, all or nearly all executives and employees devote substantial energy each workday to a non-productive “second job” of hiding our limitations, uncertainties, weaknesses, inadequacies, and mistakes, looking good in comparison to others, playing politics, and defending the status quo. Developmental organizations minimize and redirect this wasted energy and time and therefore have higher profitably and efficiency, improved employee retention, greater adaptability and innovation, improved delegation, enhanced accountability, and deeper and broader bench strength.  During this 4-hour workshop you will explore the challenges and opportunities in shifting your organization’s paradigm to a developmental mindset.

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