Workshop on Decision-Making: Minimizing and Leveraging Universal Biases. 

Why do people make predictably wrong choices, over and over?  Research over the past few decades has established that we humans often are not naturally rational decision-makers.  That is, we and the clients or customers we serve often make decisions or take actions that are contrary to our own desires, goals or intentions.  These mistakes are based on heuristics and biases developed for evolutionary purposes – purposes that no longer exist.  Becoming and remaining aware of these decision-making biases helps us to minimize the risk of poor decisions or mistaken actions.  Additionally, we can capitalize on an understanding of these human biases by designing choice architecture for our employees and clients/customers that nudge them to make the best decision or take the best course of action.  Over two or three sessions, we will identify and discuss many of these biases.  In between sessions, each participant will develop a couple action items based on one of the many biases discussed at the first session.

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