Workshop on Entrepreneurial Leadership - Leadership for Change. 

To lead, versus merely manage, a leader must guide change, whether for purposes of organizational growth or to adapt to the ever-changing environment.  The Partners in Thought ® theory of entrepreneurial leadership is that, if a leader holds and promotes a clear organizational vision and facilitates firm-wide learning and collaboration in pursuit of the vision, then the organization’s resulting strategies and tactics will most effectively lead to the change contemplated by the shared vision.  Although simply stated, implementation of this theory requires a delicate balance of behaviors by the leader, which behaviors can be recalled by a lengthy acronym coined by Jeff Schneider, “VISION QUEST:” Vision, Influence, Seeks Change, Interdependent, Organizes for Learning, Needed, Questioning, Unintimidated, Ethical, Systematic, Team Building.  This workshop ranges from four to eight hours over two to three sessions.

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