Workshop on Giving & Receiving Feedback

The methods, timing, and substance of feedback often are the most critical determinants of personal and organizational success.  It therefore is surprising that the vast majority of us are so unskilled, fearful, reactive, and ignorant when it comes to both giving and receiving feedback. 

From the feedback recipient’s perspective, feedback-seeking behaviors are linked to higher job satisfaction, greater creativity on the job, faster adaptation in a new organization or role, and lower turnover.  At the same time, truly exploiting feedback often is blocked by the tension between our desire to learn and grow, on the one hand, and our need for acceptance and affirmation, on the other (not to mention the interference generated by our feelings about the feedback-giver or how the giver presented it).

From the feedback giver's perspective, presentation of feedback can either develop desired growth of the recipient or send the recipient on a tailspin and to a crash.  Because of the perceived risks of giving feedback, most people simply avoid these opportunities for better mutual understanding and growth.

This workshop identifies and addresses the obstacles to effective giving and receiving of feedback. It also addresses concepts related to, and often confused with, feedback: evaluation and appreciation.