Workshop on Overcoming Barriers to Desired Change

Have you repeatedly tried to achieve the same goal or to change the same habit?  Whether personal or organizational, certain changes and growth opportunities resist traditional methods of achievement.  The purpose of this workshop is to help you break through the barriers that have prevented permanent change in yourself or organization, by application of the “Immunity to Change (ITC)” model.  Developed by Harvard psychologists based on modern theories of adult development, the name of the model is based on the metaphor of our body’s physical immune system, designed to protect us.  You and your organization each maintain a psychological immune system that logically and with good intention may be “protecting” you or your team from making the advances you desire.  The Immunity to Change process helps individuals and organizations uncover competing commitments and test the hidden assumptions underlying these defense mechanisms, the result of which can be lasting adaptive behavioral change.  Conceptually, adaptive change is analogous to the eventual acceptance by the body of a transplanted kidney (the desired change), which initially was rejected by the body’s immune system.

During the first of the two sessions, you will experience your own personal immunity to change and learn a step-by-step process of making a desired change in your personal or work life.  The second session will bring the change process to the organizational level.  You will learn how to apply the process to your executive team as a collective and the organization as a whole.

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